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  • Beauty & Brains behind Riwaaya

    Get to know Shanya Rehman and Riwaaya

Who is SHanya Rehman?

Riwaaya’s founder Shanya loves to create things. From writing to painting to crafts… creativity is her forte. Riwaaya is just an extension of her creative bend of mind along with her understanding of the woman of today.

Why the name Riwaaya?

The name Riwaaya is derived from the Urdu word Riwaayat that translates to tradition/ custom. The basic concept at Riwaaya is to deviate from the traditional bridal trends and introduce the millennial touch to create something unique for each bride. And so the deviation begins with the name itself – making it Riwaaya instead of Riwaayat.  

What inspires the design process at Riwaaya?

Our inspiration comes from women who have been style icons without ever visiting a designer. They have been trendsetters themselves. A shining example is the Late Maharani Gayatri Devi who looked elegant and poised in all that she chose to wear. Moreover, she wasn’t merely a well-dressed woman but a strong and independent one too. That’s our inspiration right there. Strong, independent women, with a sense of style of their own.

Who is a Riwaaya girl?

As we already said, the Riwaaya girl is the strong and independent girl of today. She makes her own rules and choices and is willing to experiment with her style. She’s not a follower but a leader in trendsetting. She’s the millennial woman – a girl at heart, a tigress at work.  

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