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Bridal Campaign


Riwaaya brings to you new age bridal wear for the woman of today. The millennial woman is not your everyday damsel; she is dynamic, independent, and self-assured. A woman who makes her own choices despite any number of odds, and she proudly prances with those choices no matter what anyone thinks. She’s her own person; she is the Riwaaya woman!


Breaking traditional molds and changing conventional images, Riwaaya brings forth stunning bridal outfits for the millennial bride. The label has taken the demure image of the bride and replaced it with one that of a thinking woman who will probably ride a bike to her nuptials.


Launched in Mumbai with a store in Goregaon (w), the Riwaaya store promises to showcase some fine and intricate work on delicate fabrics in elegant silhouettes.


“The idea is to use colours that are not typically associated with Indian bridal wear as they look instantly fresh and unique, ” says Shanya , Founder of  Riwaaya.  “The brides today are different from the brides from as less as 5 years ago. These are women who like to take charge of things and not just follow what the family thinks they should wear,” she adds. 


Riwaaya’s idea of a perfect woman is not an hourglass figure... we believe in real bodies.. and that very thought led to us selecting the famous TV celebrity Akanksha Khanna to model Riwaaya outfits. One of those rare women today who is extremely comfortable being curvy and voluptuous rather than starving herself to a size zero!  There was no looking beyond her for Riwaaya!

“We have all seen women nervous to eat around their marriage because of this trend of having a flawless figure to wear their bridal finery. Well, we want to change that. We want women to look and feel beautiful in their skin because there’s so much more to women than what their body shape is. Especially this millennial woman who is setting benchmarks in every field. We are not feminists – we’re just a millennial label.”

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