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Wrapped in Red - Christmas Gown

We love high slits on gowns! Call it our Angelina Jolie fixation, inspiration, or motivation… we don't really know! But the fact is, a red gown in a soft, shimmery, form-hugging silhouette gets all the more irresistable when you add a slit to its glorious catwalk aspirations! This gown does just that and more!! The waist is hugged by hand-etched studs and rings and from a cut out side peeps some more gorgeousness!

There's more fun in leaving more to the imagination!! The handmade single shoulder strap adds more glamour to this sultry gown that promises to make a lasting impression anywhere!


    1. For XS = Bust size is 30-31 inches !!! Waist = 24-26 inches !!! Hips = 35-37 inches
    2. For S = Bust size is 32-33 inches !!! Waist = 26-28 inches !!! Hips = 37-38 inches
    3. For M = Bust size is 34-36 inches !!! Waist = 28-30 inches !!! Hips = 38-39 inches
    4. For L = Bust size is 36-38 inches !!! Waist = 30-32 inches !!! Hips = 39-41 inches

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