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Vasl e Yaar - Diwaali Special Angrakha

Traditionally worn by men only, this piece of garment has come along way in creating modern silhouettes for women. As remarkable as the asymmetric cut of this kurta, the added train as a fusion between a gown and an angrakha is what makes this piece stand out. The styling in itself is rather unique and paired with a long skirt it looks even grander.

The handwork is delicate over embroidered flowers and petals. Use of cut glass beads on the front panels and crystals all over the back make this regal outfit sparkle and shine

    1. For XS = Bust size is 30-31 inches !!! Waist = 24-26 inches !!! Hips = 35-37 inches
    2. For S = Bust size is 32-33 inches !!! Waist = 26-28 inches !!! Hips = 37-38 inches
    3. For M = Bust size is 34-36 inches !!! Waist = 28-30 inches !!! Hips = 38-39 inches
    4. For L = Bust size is 36-38 inches !!! Waist = 30-32 inches !!! Hips = 39-41 inches

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